19 July 2016

About Us

Field of Textual Experiments [medea], founded in 2016, aims to experience literature as a collective game. It gathers everyone who produces works of, conducts research in, or is curious about experimental literature, with the intention of extending the concept of play within literature. Through interactive events, medea follows an interdisciplinary approach and emphasizes a literary process that doesn’t prioritize the end result. Embracing diversity in narrative form and the production process, medea produces texts and events where experimental literature connects authors, readers, and artists.

Founders: Firdevs Ev, Berkan M. Şimşek

Coordinator: Merve Şen

Financial Coordinator: Muhammed Cihan Alemdar

Art Director: Halil Atasever

Translator: Didem Dinçsoy

Illustrations: Tuğçe Futacı, Halil Atasever