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Round-Trip Fiction

In the Round-Trip Fiction workshops, the participants write short stories by studying off-narrative texts such as tickets, invoices, and signs. The stories are first fit into a structure, which is then deconstructed. The authors may also change throughout the process as a part of the game, in which participants also have to race against time.[…]


Build-a-Story in the Moonlight

The workshop Build-a-Story in the Moonlight is inspired by “Ayışığında Çalışkur” by Haldun Taner, which is regarded as a fine example of experimental text in Turkish literature. All participants pretend to be a critic and partakes in a collective rewriting experiment with their absurd criticisms of a short story. Each participant takes turn to try[…]


The Telephone Game

The Telephone Game enables participants to experience literature independent of the written text via this old children’s game. A participant starts reading a story to another participant, and this goes on until the last participant’s story is put into writing. The last author, who imagines the narrative only through oral transmission, re-creates the story by[…]